As you may know, there is plenty of information available about menopause. In fact, there is so much out there, it is easy to get lost in it all. Have you been reading through blogs and journals only to seem as though you are reading the same facts over and over?

We wanted to take away all of the dullness and surprise you with 3 facts you more than likely have not heard or read about. These facts are going to help you ease any symptoms, avoid possible triggers, and learn more about the transition in general.

Less Quality Of Life

You may have heard the rumors that life is over once the menopause transition begins. However, that is simply not the case at all. In fact, the vast majority of women acknowledge the fact that menopause does very little to their quality of life and emotional state. Only one out of ten women will report feeling any different about life or clinically depressed. With this information, you should rest easily knowing that it is not the end of the world. While depression is not a key element in menopause, hot flashes are.

If depression is not a key element of menopause, you should know that hot flashes are. In fact, hot flashes are one of those symptoms that every woman believes she is going to face at some point. However, it is not always a guaranteed symptom. Typically nine out of ten women will suffer through this symptom. While this may be disheartening news, it should be known that the intensity will decrease over time. The vast majority of women will have the most intense hot flashes at the earliest stages of menopause. However, there is somewhat of a cure to this symptom through the use of soy.

While soy may not be a major food factor in the United States it is in other nations. In fact, in Asia, women report having fewer hot flashes than women in the United States. This may be due to higher amounts of soy that are used in Asia, researchers are still studying the phenomenon. Regardless of the fact, soy is filled with plenty of nutrients, so it is beneficial in many ways. Time will only tell if soy is a key factor in hot flashes during menopause, however, you can get ahead of the wave and conduct your own research.

As you can see, there are a few things that the books are not all talking about. You do not have to worry about feeling depressed all of the time because of menopause and hot flashes do not cause years of pain. In addition, if you want to try and reduce the overall effects of menopause and hot flashes, try to add more soy to your diet.It is possible to fully enjoy these years in your life and not be as miserable as what all the books say you have to be! Enjoy these years and make the most of them!